Our mission is to entertain ill children by appearing to them as superheroes, empowering them to continue their fight. We aim to inspire them and strengthen hope during their struggle, helping them recognize the hero within.

We know working with children, and receiving donations, involves an immeasurable amount of trust. That's why everything we do is led with a set of core values:

Integrity: we conduct all of our work with integrity, supported by thoroughly vetting our members who work directly with the public. We strive to become better people through selfless service.

Stewardship: All donations, unless otherwise specified by the donor, go directly to the children and families in need. That is, your contribution goes ONLY towards crayons, art supplies, toys, stuffed animals, and gifts for families and children. All administrative overhead (travel, website, correspondence) comes only from Board donations.

Joy: At Crusaders for Kids, we believe maintaining a joyful spirit and outlook is crucial for the work we do and the families we help. We strive to bring this joy to all we meet, and in all we do. We do serious work, but never take ourselves seriously.


How can you help?

  • Donate! - 100% of your donation goes to the children and families we work with.
  • Contact us - any ideas or requests.