Our Story

The idea for Crusaders for Kids began in a University of Hartford dorm room in 2007. Two roommates thought that when they'd grow up, they'd engineer real superhero suits and tools, a real life Batman. Several years later, after going into nuclear physics and not applied science, Josh read about Lenny Robinson, the "Baltimore Batman," who visited pediatric hospitals. He vowed that when he was finally gainfully employed, he'd do the same.

Now, 8 years later, we are realizing our dreams of becoming others. By donning the mantle of a superhero, we become more than ourselves - we become an inspiration. We hope we inspire you to get involved and help out.

Meet the Team

The Crusaders for Kids board met many years ago in college (2 professors, and 3 engineering students), and were active in the Hartford, Connecticut community. Over many hours in the library (and at the bar), we discussed ways to improve ourselves and our communities. This dream of continuous improvement eventually blossomed across time and space into this nonprofit.


Joshua Magee

Founder & CEO

By day Josh is a nuclear physicist, by night Josh serves his fair city fighting crime and bringing joy to those in need. He currently lives in the greater SF Bay area, with his two kittens boys, Tommy and Rosie.


Justin Isaacs

Vice President & Webmaster

Justin is an engineer, a creative type. He's also part lobster.

party bob 2

Bob Magee

Chief Financial Officer

Bob was a junior high and high school history and computer teacher for over 30 years. He acted as treasurer of his local union, and decided in retirement to parlay that experience into helping us. He lives with his wife and two dogs, but mostly dotes on his cat.


Mark Turpin

Board Secretary

Mark is a mathematics professor at University of Hartford. He is interested in puzzles, brain teasers, and expanding student minds. He also loves free lunches.


Sammi Rawlings

Chief Humor Officer

Sammi is an acoustical engineer in the LA area. When not helping with LA hospital visits, or providing humorous zingers, she is a mean violin and piano player.


Sue Magee

Corresponding Secretary

Sue was an elementary education teacher for over 3 decades, and has been active in the church and community her whole life. She lends her childlike spirit to superhero arts and crafts. She lives with her husband and two dogs, but spends most time with her cat.